Leak Detection

There are many different kinds of leaks; some are small and slow while others are large and fast. Some leakages occur over time while others happen all at once. No matter what type of leakage you’re dealing with, there’s one thing that remains constant: they cost money! Every minute that your system is leaking precious fluids like water costs you money in wasted resources.

What Is Leak Detection?

Leak detection is the process of identifying where a fluid is escaping from a system, so that it can be repaired or replaced.

What Are The Signs Of A Water Leak?

A water leak can be hard to spot because it often occurs where you can’t see it, such as behind walls or under floors. There are some signs that indicate you might have a problem:

– Increased water bill

– Mold growing on surfaces like walls or ceilings

– Floorboards feeling damp when you walk across them

– Cracked foundation or walls near sinks or toilets

If you notice any of these symptoms then you should contact Right Choice Plumbing & Rooter immediately so they can diagnose the problem and fix it before it gets worse!


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What Are The Signs Of A Gas Leak?

Natural gas is an odorless and colorless substance that can cause serious injury or even death if inhaled or touched. It’s important to know what the signs of a gas leak are so that you can keep yourself and your family safe.

Here are some things to look out for:

– You smell a strong odor like rotten eggs or sulfur

– Your stove isn’t working properly after being turned on for a while

– You hear a hissing or whistling sound near a gas line

– Dying or dead houseplants

If you notice any of these symptoms then you should contact Right Choice Plumbing & Rooter immediately so they can diagnose the problem and correct it before it gets worse!


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